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Archive for Month: December 2016


Peppermint: Side Effects For Pregnant & Nursing Mummies

Peppermint is used for the common cold, cough, inflammation of the mouth and throat, sinus infections, and respiratory infections. It is also used for digestive problems including heartburn, nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, irritable bowel syndrome, cramps of the upper gastrointestinal tract and bile ducts, upset stomach, diarrhoea, bacterial overgrowth of […]


Best Benefits Of Moringa Oil For Your Body

Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of Moringa oleifera and has got a special nickname, Ben oil–because it contains high amounts of behenic acid. The nutrition of moringa leaves is highly nutritious, even more so than vegetables like spinach. Its seeds are also very nutritious as they contain high levels of […]


What is Whitewood Oil and Its Benefits

Considered as an essential in many Indonesian households, this incredibly therapeutic and aromatic medicinal oil has countless uses. From relieving nausea to lowering body temperature during fever, here are the many benefits of Whitewood oil and why it should be an essential for you and your baby. Where is it from? […]