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Archive for Month: July 2018


Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

It’s a colour! It’s a fruit! No word in English can rhyme with…Orange! The orange is a vibrant fruit, a Vit C powerhouse that’s delicious on its own. Its scent uplifts moods. Maybe that’s why orange juice is a staple breakfast item, to add cheer at the start of the […]


Mozzie-Free with Twinkle 3-in-1 Hand + Body Sanitizer

There’s more that meets the eye with the Twinkle 3-in-1 Hand & Body Sanitizer. Not only does it moisturize the skin, it also keeps mosquitoes at bay. It’s formulation of eight best antibacterial essential oils make this product an all-rounder. One of the eight essential oils is Whitewood or Cajeput […]


Life Hacks with Twinkle Baby Balm

In our last post, we shared about the Twinkle Multi-Purpose Baby Balm’s cold busting properties! We continue to discover its usefulness and believe it does indeed have “multiple”-uses. Here are some “hacks” that you can use the baby balm for: Blister Buster Is that new pair of heels biting you? […]


Bust that Cold with Baby Balm!

Has it happened to you? You have a full day of plans to execute and you are raring to go! Suddenly, you feel that familiar itch in the back of your throat, and incessant tickles in your nose.? You know what is coming and reach for your prescribed meds. But […]


Essentials Oils That Stimulate Appetite

  Some kids enjoy food, while some need a little prodding to open their mouths. Do you constantly worry about your child’s appetite? Do you feel that he/she is a picky eater and rake your brain on how you can make food more appealing to your child? We can’t all […]


Know Your Geranium!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet!” Errrr, not quite, in the case of Geranium! Did you know that the Geranium has a rose-like floral scent and is often mistaken for rose? Nevertheless, the Geranium is no wallflower! It is widely used […]


Spotlight on SLS

Recently, a concerned mother reached out to us to clarify about “SLS” in some of our products. We hear all these acronyms and wonder what they are all about! We’re happy to share more on the “SLS” used in our products. We believe the mummy might have seen the ingredient […]


Hit that Snozzzze!

We’ve got you some tricks to have your baby sleeping through the night! Twinkle Baby Multi-Purpose Balm is one of them!