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Hear it from mummies and daddies who use Twinkle!

(video credits: Cindy Tan @lecinlurve )

Blow wind blow ~ Look at Mummy Cindy Tan’s cute little princess, Chriselle Faith Tay’s flowy and luxuriant hair after using Twinkle’s hair product series!

“I’ve been using Twinkle Lavender Baby Hair Oil on Chriselle since day 1 as a cradle cap cleanser. Not only does it do a good job in cleansing Chriselle’s scalp since birth, the 100% natural oil promotes healthy hair, resulting in her headful crowning glory now at 15 months!”

– Cindy Tan


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Recently Baby Angel got mosquito bites and her skin became red. I used Twinkle’s Relaxing and Calming Lavender Body Milk on Baby Angel’s skin and her skin recovered from redness. It heals her mosquito bites as well! I would really recommend the for babies!

– Mummy Rina Hartanto









Mummy Raihanah bought Twinkle’s Baby Balm for baby Raudhah to try. After massaging the balm on Baby Raudhah’s body, she went fast asleep! She loves how it worked as advertised.

Mummy Raihanah








The Twinkle Multi-Purpose Baby Balm is a must have for both baby and mama! I apply it on baby’s tummy and feet to help him wind down before sleeping. For myself, I like to rub some on my wrist and neck to relax and unwind. My husband and I both enjoy using the Baby Body Oil to massage and moisturise our baby :) We are big fans and are so proud that Singapore has such a great local brand for baby products!

Mummy Claire Au











Every morning my girl’s hair tangles like wire mesh and I always take very long to detangle her hair. Past two mornings, I sprayed the hair mist on her hair and combed through – her hair detangled so fast and is now so smooth! The smoothness lasts throughout the day even after two rounds of shower with one round of shampooing.

– Mummy Terri





This stuff is great! Smells amazing and definitely works! We love them so much we bought a bunch from Mothercare.

Daddy Joshua











It’s my first time trying Twinkle Baby products and I love it! The Anti-Dust Mite Spray makes the whole room nicer smelling and my girl actually sleeps better at night. The smell is not overwhelming and it’s actually improved sleep quality even for me. I will definitely continue to use this product and I’m looking forward to try other Twinkle products too!

– Mummy Candy











We love Twinkle products! The Lavender Hair and Body Wash smells great. After using, the kids are also calmer getting ready for their naps and bedtimes. Most importantly, it’s good for sensitive skin and I’ve been using it on my daughter who has eczema.

– Mummy Jessie







My son uses it and he likes it a lot. He used to have dandruff, which might have been caused by the shampoo he was using in school. I immediately let him use the Twinkle Hair & Body Wash and within two days, his dandruff disappeared completely. That is why I only let him use this shampoo now. And when we travel or go swimming, just one bottle can be used to wash from head to toe, it’s very convenient. Lastly, we love the lavender smell and as a mother, I always want to give the best to my son!

– Mummu Joy Sie









The Multi-Purpose Baby Balm has a nice, soothing scent, and it calms the eczema on my son, Noah’s cheeks. It’s also a great barrier cream which has a noticeable moisturising effect. A further plus point is that it’s made with organic ingredients!

– Daddy Bernard Pang


– Mummy Evelyn Tan




“My children are born with sensitive skin and Twinkle’s selected 5 essential ingredients for their products really protect my children’s skin from harmful UV rays, pollutants and contain anti-fungal and immunity-boosting properties. The products work well on my children’s sensitive skin and is an essential for them especially the Twinkle Baby Body Mist – Lavender & Orange! My children are happy and so am I. Thanks Twinkle Baby for all your fantastic products.”

– Mummy Cheng Ling













“A great thank you to my number 1 Twinkle Baby Body Mist. My girl is a very light sleeper, can’t really sleep well and keeps waking up in the middle of the night. My friend recommended me Twinkle Baby Body Mist – Lavender as it is safe for babies. I use it to massage my daughter before sleep time and it really helps my baby girl to sleep well through the night. Now she is currently 10 months old and I am still using the Twinkle Baby Body Mist to massage her every day without fail.
Without Twinkle: Baby can’t sleep well = Mummy can’t sleep well
With Twinkle : Baby sleep well = Mummy sleep well
Happy baby = Happy mummy
Thank you Twinkle, you really saved me!”

– Mummy Julie Tan





“Love the Twinkle Baby Hair Mist – Lavender! Helps to smoothen out and detangled my daughter’s hair! Plus it makes her hair smell really great! She really love the customised label on her Twinkle products! Makes her feel extra special! Also the unique smell of the Twinkle Baby Body Oil – Orange is great! It doesn’t leave an oily residue and I even steal a wee bit to apply on my dry hands sometimes!”

– Mummy Joanna Tan 










Twinkle Baby Body Mist – Lavender is my favourite product as I love the lavender scent. I got to know about Twinkle at an event at MBS and it has been very beneficial to my family. It’s eco friendly and is not harsh on baby’s skin. The smell is nice and yet not overly strong. In fact it’s so good that the whole family is using it. Whenever I use it on my baby she will try to grab it from me, but it’s ok, it’s made of organic and natural ingredients so I don’t worry about it when she accidentally sprays some on herself.”

– Daddy Vincent Lee










“My daughter loves her daily after shower massage with Twinkle Baby Body Oil – Orange. I love it too as it’s made with love with a rich blend of natural oils for moisturising and keeping my baby’s delicate skin at a healthy pH. It also protect my baby’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays and pollutants, and contain anti-fungal and immunity-boosting.”

– Mummy Agnes Loh











“A big fan of Twinkle especially their lavender range! I used the products for my 5 kids and I am using them too! It’s hard to pick a favourite but for myself, the Twinkle Mum Multi-Purpose Oil is top on the list as I have very sensitive skin and I tend to have a reaction when I use other products. The oil helps to calm my skin and I love it that I can infuse the lavender scent while applying it. The Twinkle Multi-Purpose Baby Balm works well on my newborn as it doesn’t cause any reaction and love the scent of it too! I love the new Twinkle Baby Hair & Body Wash as it helps my 4 boys to wind down after a long day! My mum and some friends have been using it and all good reviews so far! Thank you Twinkle and I am really happy to have come across your products!”

– Mummy Fang Fang Hemsley


“Love Twinkle Multi-Purpose Baby Balm because it helps to lighten any scars on my son’s body and reduce rashes when the weather is extra hot. Love the Twinkle Baby Body Mist – Lavender as it helps both me and my son to relax and sleep well at night. Love it so much! I can feel that the products are really made with mum’s love and I’m really grateful for the wonderful products that Twinkle has. I fell in love with them after I first used them and have since recommended my sister and friends to try Twinkle too. Thanks for the awesome products and will continue to use them!” TEST

– Mummy Ann Yeo


“Love Twinkle Baby Body Mist – Lemongrass so much especially because it’s safe for new born baby and helps get rid of mosquitoes.”

– Mummy Iriss Ng


“Little one was down with flu and I used the Twinkle Multi-Purpose Baby Balm on her chest and back to help her sleep better. She loves it, and so do I.”

– Mummy Venetia Sng