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Baby Tummy Set

  • $44.90  $38.00

Multi Purpose Baby Balm (12g)
★ Ease stomach discomfort, soothe diaper rashes.
★ Relief cold, cough, fever, motion sickness.
★ Moisturises, nourishes and protects skin without clogging pores

★ Encourages scar healing and supports cell turnover.

★ Encourage restful sleep
Multi Purpose Body Oil (80ml)
A light herbal oil commonly use by parents as a massage oil for their newborn to:
★ Relief tummy discomfort, such as colic, wind, flatulence especially after milking
★ Soothe childhood common fever, colds, nasal decongestant by massaging onto the whole body. 
★ Soothe sensitive and childhood prone ezcema skin with light natural aroma that helps calm down and support sleep.
Suitable for : Newborns, infants
Use per instructions on label

Caution : Stop use if irritation occurs

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