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Mummy Yvonne
Her mum shares “It’s very light weight, non-greasy, perfect and affordable. I like the scent a lot as it lingers. Only purest essential oils scent will linger.”..
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Daddy Joshua
This stuff is great! Smells amazing and definitely works! We love them so much we bought a bunch from Mothercare...
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Mummy Agnes Loh
“My daughter loves her daily after shower massage with Twinkle Baby Body Oil – Orange. I love it too as it’s made with love with a rich blend of natural oils for moisturising and keeping my baby’s delicate skin at a healthy pH. It also protect my baby’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays and pollutants, and contain anti-fungal and immunity-boosting.”..
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Daddy Vincent Lee
“Twinkle Baby Body Mist – Lavender is my favourite product as I love the lavender scent. I got to know about Twinkle at an event at MBS and it has been very beneficial to my family. It’s eco friendly and is not harsh on baby’s skin. The smell is nice and yet not overly strong. In fact it’s so good that the whole family is using it. Whenever I use it on my baby she will try to grab it from me, but it’s ok, it’s made of organic and natural ingredients so I don’t worry about it when she accidentally sprays some on herself.”..
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Mummy Joanna Tan
“Love the Twinkle Baby Hair Mist – Lavender! Helps to smoothen out and detangled my daughter’s hair! Plus it makes her hair smell really great! She really love the customised label on her Twinkle products! Makes her feel extra special! Also the unique smell of the Twinkle Baby Body Oil – Orange is great! It doesn’t leave an oily residue and I even steal a wee bit to apply on my dry hands sometimes!”..
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Mummy Julie Tan
“A great thank you to my number 1 Twinkle Baby Body Mist. My girl is a very light sleeper, can’t really sleep well and keeps waking up in the middle of the night. My friend recommended me Twinkle Baby Body Mist – Lavender as it is safe for babies. I use it to massage my daughter before sleep time and it really helps my baby girl to sleep well through the night. Now she is currently 10 months old and I am still using the Twinkle Baby Body Mist to massage her every day without fail.Without Twinkle: Baby can’t sleep well = Mummy can’t sleep wellWith Twinkle : Baby sleep well =..
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Mummy Cheng Ling
“My children are born with sensitive skin and Twinkle’s selected 5 essential ingredients for their products really protect my children’s skin from harmful UV rays, pollutants and contain anti-fungal and immunity-boosting properties. The products work well on my children’s sensitive skin and is an essential for them especially the Twinkle Baby Body Mist – Lavender & Orange! My children are happy and so am I. Thanks Twinkle Baby for all your fantastic products.”..
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Daddy Bernard Pang
The Multi-Purpose Baby Balm has a nice, soothing scent, and it calms the eczema on my son, Noah’s cheeks. It’s also a great barrier cream which has a noticeable moisturising effect. A further plus point is that it’s made with organic ingredients!..
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Mummy Jessie
We love Twinkle products! The Lavender Hair and Body Wash smells great. After using, the kids are also calmer getting ready for their naps and bedtimes. Most importantly, it’s good for sensitive skin and I’ve been using it on my daughter who has eczema...
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Mummy Claire Au
The Twinkle Multi-Purpose Baby Balm is a must have for both baby and mama! I apply it on baby’s tummy and feet to help him wind down before sleeping. For myself, I like to rub some on my wrist and neck to relax and unwind. My husband and I both enjoy using the Baby Body Oil to massage and moisturise our baby  We are big fans and are so proud that Singapore has such a great local brand for baby products!..
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