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Mummu Joy Sie
My son uses it and he likes it a lot. He used to have dandruff, which might have been caused by the shampoo he was using in school. I immediately let him use the Twinkle Hair & Body Wash and within two days, his dandruff disappeared completely. That is why I only let him use this shampoo now. And when we travel or go swimming, just one bottle can be used to wash from head to toe, it’s very convenient. Lastly, we love the lavender smell and as a mother, I always want to give the best to my son!..
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Mummy Candy
It’s my first time trying Twinkle Baby products and I love it! The Anti-Dust Mite Spray makes the whole room nicer smelling and my girl actually sleeps better at night. The smell is not overwhelming and it’s actually improved sleep quality even for me. I will definitely continue to use this product and I’m looking forward to try other Twinkle products too!..
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Mummy Raihanah
Mummy Raihanah bought Twinkle’s Baby Balm for baby Raudhah to try. After massaging the balm on Baby Raudhah’s body, she went fast asleep! She loves how it worked as advertised...
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Mummy Rina Hartanto
Recently Baby Angel got mosquito bites and her skin became red. I used Twinkle’s Relaxing and Calming Lavender Body Milk on Baby Angel’s skin and her skin recovered from redness. It heals her mosquito bites as well! I would really recommend the for babies!..
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