Baby Massage - Yay or Nay?
Baby Massage - Yay or Nay?

Baby massage although new to the masses of this generation has been around for the longest time. However, along with the changing of time, places offering such services had to either forgo their establishments or downsize it to the point of giving up due to the lack of business. Alas, the Internet has proved to be essential to the lot of us. Alongside, Google being able to provide us a range of anything we ask for. Using our range of Twinkle products, one can hit up a video link of baby massage tutorials and give your baby a massage they truly deserve. BUT! What are the benefits of it, you may ask? Well, before you try your hand on something you have little to no information about, read on to find out more about the benefits of giving a baby a massage. 



A Relaxed Baby: Akin to adults, babies feel relaxed during and after a massage. Hence, a massage will not only minimalise crying, fussiness but ensure a peaceful sleep, too. Giving a baby a massage will also stimulate a baby’s central nervous system. According to studies done by the Touch Research Institute at the University of the Miami School of Medicine, stimulating the central nervous system releases an abundance of serotonin – a feel-good chemical – into the body. Causing the baby’s heart rate and breathing to slow down. As you have heard, affectionate touch and rhythmic movement are amongst most of the powerful form of communication between adults and babies. It will also help you learn to read your baby’s signals and learn to respond better to your baby’s unique needs. Now that we’ve given you a reason as to why baby massage is good for your baby, are you convinced, yet? If so, we have also included the types of massages that are good for your baby. 

As you know, there are various types of baby massages. All that matters is how patient and gentle you are with your baby. However, before you begin, here’s a few tips to help you out. Remove any jewellery that could get in the way. Ensure the room is quiet and warm. Afterwards, strip your baby down to his or her diaper, and grab some baby oil. In this case, Twinkle’s Baby Body Oil Lavender works the best with a baby massage. Once your baby is ready begin by holding your baby’s hands and gently rubbing his or her palms with your thumbs a few times. When your baby seems more relaxed and receptive towards you, you can work your way up. Below are various soothing techniques you can try.

Leg Massage - Gently wrap your hands around your baby’s legs and glide your hands down from thigh to ankle. Do this for about an approximate of 15 seconds per leg.


Belly Massage – Place your hands at the level of your baby’s navel and rub your fingertips with lightly applied pressure over the tummy in a clockwise motion. 

To summarise, baby massage is definitely a YAY by us! 

Prior to the few massage techniques given above, you can also learn more via tutorials available online. Remember to pick up a bottle of Twinkle’s baby oils, available in various scents, and get started on that baby massage!!


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