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Posted on 08 Jul 2019
What many people don’t know is the side effects that Camphor can cause.  Camphor is a waxy, flammable, transparent solid with a strong aroma. It is found in the wood of the Camphor laurel, a large evergreen tree found in Asia. It used to be made by distilling the bark and wood of the Camphor Tree. However, these days most Camphor is chemically manufactured and synthetic. Using Camphor can cause side effects such as skin redness and irritation. Burming of the mouth and throat, nausea, and vomiting. For more severe cases, Camphor can even cause diarrhea, CNS depression and even dea..
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8 best Antibacterial Natural Essential Oil
Posted on 15 Apr 2019
Do you know what are the 8 best Antibacterial Natural Essential Oil?Moringa Oil - Antimicrobial, Disinfect Germs, Moisturizing Whitewood Oil - Antiviral, Antiseptic, Insect RepellentCamellia Japonica Oil - Anti-Allergic, Shield Against UV RaysGrapeseed Oil - Boost Wound Healing, MoisturizingTea Tree Essential Oil - Antiseptic, AntimicrobialGeranium Essential Oil - Antibacterial, Anti-inflammationOrange Essential Oil - Boost ImmunityLavender Maillette Essential Oil - Antifungal, AntioxidantTwinkle’s 3-in-1 Hand + Body Foam & 3-in-1 Hand + Body Sanitizer contains these 8 best Antibacter..
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5 Tips to Help Stress Mummies Chill Out
Posted on 04 Apr 2019
Undoubtedly, motherhood is one of the significant milestones for the majority of the women out there. However, it had also been noted that motherhood can be a mixed blessing. The excitement and expectation of having a new baby combined with radical and sometimes difficult changes to a woman’s body, financial concerns, emotional ups and downs, lack of sleep due to the caretaking of the newborn and much more. According to reports by TODAY, 70% of the mummies noted that motherhood is incredibly stressful and 90% of the mummies had experienced chronic stress while taking care of their newborn.Be i..
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Mums & Babies Health: Balance of the Yin and Yang
Posted on 04 Apr 2019
Is your baby experiencing constant cough despite the treatment of modern-day medications or having a rather picky eating habit? Looking for the best natural ways to improve your baby's health? You may want to balance your baby's yin and yang while nursing them back to optimal health! Without further ado, Twinkle would like to share some wisdom regarding how the concept of yin and yang can help you (Yes! You incredible mums!) and your little buttercups!In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the concept of Yin and Yang plays an essential role in maintaining the balance of health and life. TCM pr..
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7 Tips For Traveling With Your Baby
Posted on 04 Apr 2019
Travelling with a baby can unravel a whole new set of experiences for you. Think of all the delightful scenes your baby would be exposed to, and your own delight at this happiness of new discoveries. While that can be an enriching experience, travelling with babies can also end up leaving a poor taste in the mouth – if the trip was not adequately prepared for, that is.Next time you are taking your baby on the roads of Singapore or showing him/ her what the outsides look like, here are some tips to live by:1. Bring the toysBabies have a shorter attention span than adults and so, can get bored v..
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Twinkle's Diaper Rash Prevention Guide
Posted on 04 Apr 2019
At Twinkle, we absolutely know that parents out there love to make their babies feel comfortable, healthy and as joyful as possible! That's our aim too! Hence, the occurrence of diaper rashes can be rather unpleasant for the babies and the parents. Although the occurrence of diaper rashes on babies are quite common. We, as parents should not skip on that, as it can have a severe effect on their skin condition but on their health too. However, not to worry! Twinkle got you covered! Twinkle came up with a formulation of fantastic solutions to answer all these worries.With these steps, you can be..
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