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Multi Purpose Spray 500ml

  • $34.00

Twinkle Multi Purpose Cleaner is a plant based room hygiene spray to keep your living rooms, hard surfaces items like toys, playmats, children indoor camping gears clean, fresh. 
★ Keep germs and microbes away gently.
★ Gentle to sensitive skin with minimal synthetic chemical ingredients
★ Lightly sweet but floral natural aroma from the essential oils blend keeps everyone happy and calm indoors and also freshen up indoor spaces.
Suitable for : Family living rooms, Toddlers, adults sleeping, working rooms



* Rosemary Oil - Anti-inflammatory, bugs repellent

* Clove Oil - Antimicrobial, keep non desired microbes away, gives groundedness emotional feeling.

* Cinnamon Oil - Highly anti-oxidant, warms mind and body

* White Wood - Antimicrobial and antiviral, warming, keeps mould, bacteria away

* Lavender Oil- Antimicrobial and calming.

* Orange Oil - Antioxidant and gives an uplifting mood.

Others : PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Water
* Shake well before use.

* Spray on any hard surface (Toys, High chair, Car seat, Strollers, Play-mat, Door Handle, Shoe, Toilet seat), living rooms, bedrooms, office area.

* After spray, let it dry or wipe with cloth. No rinse is required. Repeat sprays whenever necessary.

Caution : Do not spray directly into eyes. Stop use if irritation occurs.

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