Free delivery for minimum spend of SGD 50 and above (Singapore only).                             For cart value less than SGD 50, delivery fee of SGD 3.50 flat applies.

How Does It Work?

icons8-level-1-52 For just $9.90 we will send you a starter set consisting of Twinkle’s travel size Hand & Body Sanitizer 30ml, Anti Dust Mite Room/Linen Spray 30ml and Multi-Purpose Baby Balm 5g (Total Worth U.P. $19).
icons8-circled-2-c-52 A month later, we will send you a restocked box with full sizes of all those products at $47.50, which will be at a discounted rate of 15% (UP$55.90)! Use them to your hearts content as per the label.
icons8-circled-3-c-52 You are in control. After the first box, you are free to add and remove products any time you want, plus adjust how often you get your restocked boxes.


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