How Does It Work?

icons8-level-1-52 For just $9.90 we will send you a starter set consisting of Twinkle’s travel size Hand & Body Sanitizer 30ml, Anti Dust Mite Room/Linen Spray 30ml and Multi-Purpose Baby Balm 5g (Total Worth U.P. $19).
icons8-circled-2-c-52 A month later, we will send you a restocked box with full sizes of all those products at $47.50, which will be at a discounted rate of 15% (UP$55.90)! Use them to your hearts content as per the label.
icons8-circled-3-c-52 You are in control. After the first box, you are free to add and remove products any time you want, plus adjust how often you get your restocked boxes.


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