Twinkle Herbal Tea (YANG)

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Amazing for Detox, Weight Control, Immunity Boast and Aid Digestion 


Lemongrass: Helps to rid your body of excess waste and speeds up body metabolism.

Ginger Roots: Improves digestion. Increase absorption of food. Helps to ease menstrual cramps.

Peppermint: Ease digestion. Supports healthy cholesterol levels. Relieves pain & discomfort from gas & bloating. Helps to relax muscles and improve headaches. Improve engery levels and reduce daytime fatigue. 

Red Dates: Helps to replenish and nourish blood & improve blood circulation. This can lead to better liver, detoxify the body and improve digestive function, balance of inner body energy (qi) and improved immunity.

Goji Berries: Helps control blood sugar and appetite. Good source of chromium, a mineral that aids in blood sugar control. Chromium may also help to preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss.

To be enjoyed warm or cold.

14 sachets 

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