Twinkle Travel Kit

  • $18.00


Twinkle Travel Kit consist of 3 Best Selling Items:

- Anti Dust Mite Room/ Linen Spray (30ml)

Freshen up your environment with our natural room spray. Eradicates dust mites, mold. bacteria and fungi plus repel insects from your baby room too. Making your enviroment fresh and healthy.

-  3-in-1 Hand+Body Sanitizer (30ml)

Protect from germ, shield from UV ray, and moisturized with our grapeseed oil and moringa oil. Eliminate germs and bacteria, acts as an insect repellent while keeping your skin moisturized. 

- Multi Purpose Baby Balm (5g)

Strengthen Immune Sytem, ease colic and stomach discomfort, fever, motion sickness, cough and flu. Offer a sense of soothing and calming note to encourage restful sleep, soothes diaper rash, bumps, bruises, insect bites and eczema.

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