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Twinkle Baby Care

Herbal Tea (Yang)

Herbal Tea (Yang)

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unique blend made solely of flowers, fruits and herbal roots. A detox tea that is caffeine-free, suitable for pregnancy and post-natal mummies.

★ Nourish and replenish blood (Qi) deficiencies 
★ Aids in digestion and weight control
★ Keeps warm and boost immune system

All ingredients from non-pesticides farm. Tea is non-powdered and no exposure to heat during powder-grinding, retaining maximum nutritional values. All ingredients are freeze-dried and packed together, with no artificial sweetener added. 

Each pack contains 14 teabags (3.5g)

  • Safe, natural & gentle formulation
  • Premium quality & effective ingredients
  • Freshly prepared in small batches

How to use

To be enjoyed warm or cold.

Active Ingredients

Lemongrass ⇓
☑ Rid body of excess waste
☑ Speeds up body metabolism

Ginger Roots ⇓
☑ Improve digestion
☑ Increase absorption of food
☑ Ease menstrual cramps

Peppermint ⇓
☑ Ease digestion
☑ Supports healthy cholesterol levels
☑ Relieves pain and discomfort from gas and bloating
☑ Helps relax muscles and improve headaches
☑ Improve energy levels and reduce daytime fatigue

Red Dates ⇓
☑ Helps to replenish and nourish blood and improve blood circulation
☑ Helps to detoxify body and improve digestive function, balance of inner body (Qi) energy and improved immunity

Goji Berries ⇓
☑ Helps control blood sugar and appetite
☑ Good source of chromium (mineral that aids in blood sugar control)

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